First Impressions

Our moulds are made with an absolutely safe, meically approved material. Once mixed, the
mould sets within a minute, making the whole process fast, safe and fun. After the moulds
are made we take a wax impression at our studio, and then make a silicone mould to ensure the safety of your pieces, before we cast them into metal or crystal. In some
cases we take pictures of the waxes and
email them or see.

Different materials take varying lengths of
time to be finished. Resins and Plaster take
just 2 weeks. For all other materials allow between 8-12 weeks. To receive your pieces we can send them to you by special delivery, taxi, or you can collect from our studio.

When there is not enough time for your piece
to be completed, we can make you a special
‘the best is still to come’ little fragment of your
piece, in aluminium resin, to attach to your

First Impressions

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